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Rules Event

Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way if so I'm open to suggestions...

I created custom field for the Product line item called field_license_term_acceptance. It's a Boolean, and it shows up and works fine, etc.

I've already modified my checkout cart to display the results so I know it's working.

What I want to do is prevent the "Add to Cart" from being enabled unless you select that you accept the terms and conditions for said product. I've installed Commerce Stock which gives me the Advanced configuration of the "Add to cart form" which allows me to Disable the add to cart button. One of the options I have is SKU so I figured I can say if the SKU is void then disable the add to cart button. But even that doesn't seem to work - I tried changing the sku to VOID...

My problem is that I'm not sure which event to use in order to add a Data Comparison condition for field_license_term_acceptance.

I've tried using Before adding a product to the cart, but again I'm unable to reference my field.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Asked by: SaintNexcis
on August 24, 2016