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Disable shipping service based on address


I have some shipping matrixes, which contains the prices for a shipping service based on address and the weight of the package. There are more because not every shipping service send package to every country. I created these services with flat rate module and created rules for calculating the weight and the price from the address.

But I also want some rules the disable the shipping service, if we cannot send package with that to the selected country. How could I do this?

Thanks for all the answers!


Asked by: hurtonypeter
on October 9, 2015

1 Answer

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You can enable/disable each based on the shipping country using the rules' conditions

If you go into your flat rates ( /admin/commerce/config/shipping ) and 'Configure component' you can add a Condition.

  • Select ;Order address component comparison'
  • Address = Shipping Information Address
  • Address Component Value = Country
  • Then set your Operator and Value as required. You can also negate to make your life easier eg set value to NZ and then negate to have the rule apply to every country except NZ
Andy @ BlueFusion
Posted: Oct 12, 2015