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Merging product and product display

I am building some site and I came up to some problem. I am using Drupal Commerce Kickstart 1. I have created product type Advanced Product and its Display. Now I looked Kickstart 2.0 example i and see that there things are done differently. I am wondering how to merge or make auto creation of product or product display. I would like to have just one screen for entering products because I could not explain users why they need to enter one on back end and one on front end. Is there some way to set fields reference each other or some other approach to this problem?

I've heard that some product bulk module could do this but dont have experience using it. Also should I move to kickstart 2.0. I would like to skip migration part, I doubt that all thing that i have made in 1.0 would work in 2.0 without reprogramming them again.

Adv. Product ------> Product Display
-SKU -Title
-Title -Body /product description/
-Price -Category /taxonomy vocabulary for categorization of products/
-Status -Product Reference

Asked by: MiloS
on September 6, 2016

1 Answer

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you need to download and enable inline_entity_form. then, on your product display, you will choose inline entity form as your field formatter for product reference field. once you do this, when adding a new node for product display you will be able to access and complete all product fields on the same node edit form.

Answer by: drupalability
Posted: Jan 7, 2017