Commerce Q&A Guidelines

The Commerce Q&A is a community maintained questions and answers wiki. It is designed to produce definitive answers to questions that come up when people are using or developing for Drupal Commerce. To make the best use of the system, we have to enforce a set of guidelines for Questions that get posted here that may result in posts being edited or deleted.

What kind of questions can I post here?

Any question about Drupal Commerce is typically fair game, even if it's about contributed modules written for Drupal Commerce. That said, questions should be about definite configuration or development issues, not requests for opinions or meta topics like the roadmap of the project itself.

The following categories of questions will be edited or deleted as required to moderate Commerce Q&A:

  • Duplicate questions - search before posting
  • Bug reports - these belong in the appropriate issue queue on d.o
  • Feature requests - same as the above
  • Site recipes - this is not the place to request a configuration walkthrough