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Cart redirects to checkout

On a new site build, 7.x-1.11+42-dev.

Whenever I go to /cart it gets auto-directed to /checkout/%.

Thus there is no way to alter or delete the cart contents before checkout.

This redirection happens whether I go to the /cart URL directly or via the "Shopping Cart block". If I disable the shopping cart block the redirection is still in place. This happens for all users inclusive of admin.

I am sure when I began building the site a few days ago /cart brought up the cart.

This may be a bug or some mis-configuration somewhere. I've checked the store configuration settings over and over. No clue. Troubleshooting Guidance welcome. Thank you.

Asked by: JDSaward
on December 23, 2015

1 Answer

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Check the Rules configuration to see if there is a redirection rule in place that automatically redirects users that visit cart to checkout/%

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Dec 28, 2015