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How to edit front end design. (Payment in checkout)

Just a little background:

Enabled "Example Payment" for a $0.00 Checkout option. (Only to show up when the order is $0.00, PayPal only shows up with order > $0.00)

By default the "Example Payment" says just that and also asks for a card number and expiration date but are not required to "pay" I want to clean this up and make it fool proof. Ideally Make the Card Number and Expiration form disappear and "Example Payment" changed to "Free Checkout"/"No Payment"/ etc. There are no settings for this part of the page like there is for other parts such as the banner, and I can not seem to find options in the admin options. Is there anyone with insight on how to change this part of the site?


Asked by: coxa11
on February 11, 2016

1 Answer

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Hi Coxa11,

Using Rules you can just remove all payment methods if the order is <= $0.01. That's what I do for my site which offers free and paid events.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Feb 11, 2016