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Custom Line Items on Add To Cart form based on product field

Hi all, I have been scratching my head thinking of the best way to achieve this:

I am trying to sell 2 ticket types:

Adult Ticket
Childrens Ticket

The adults ticket is fine but on the childrens ticket it must have some custom fields such as Parents name, Parents Contact number etc.

I have a content type of "Event" which references my product type of "ticket" and have 2 products created (Adult ticket and Childs ticket). I have created a Boolean field on the product type "Ticket" which I need the admin user to tick if they want to make that product ticket a "Childs" ticket and based on that I need the custom line items to appear on the add to cart form only if the Boolean check box has been ticked.

I hope this makes some sense and any help would be great.

Thanks all!

Asked by: GAMe
on December 14, 2015

1 Answer