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Create the order on a node which has a field of node reference to commerce product


I am working on the already build project which is related to the courses and session.I have "Course" as content type which has field "Course Reference" which is of product reference. This content type is created instead of product display. I can add "Add To Cart form" for node of above content type.

But I have another content type as "session" which has node reference field to "Course" content type. In a view I want to add the "Add To Cart form" button. I have created it but my cart and order should be processed against the node id of "Session".

Currently order is processed against the course id of "course" content type.

Please help me!

Asked by: vidula_shinde
on February 9, 2016

1 Answer

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This is because there is no product related to the Session, there is only a product related to the Course. Sounds like you should reverse the logic and add products to Sessions instead.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Feb 11, 2016