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Why Does My Shopping Cart Disappear After Adding Product To Cart

I don't think I did anything to screw this up but something is up with my shopping cart at the top of the store.

Whenever I add a product to cart the shopping cart disappears. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Also, the add to cart confirmation is gone now. Do you know what template it is in? I think I overrode that.

You can test and see my issues for yourself here.


Ford H
Asked by: Ford H
on December 15, 2015

1 Answer

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Hey Ford,

As for the cart at the top, looks like you may be controlling that with a custom view? Because the view fails, it does load an empty view field which you can see in the source code, but the rest of the view isn't valid so doesn't show. If it is a custom view, add a product to the cart so it disappears then grab the order #id of your cart, go to your view and type that ID into the preview input as the contextual input and see what your view outputs - it should break just like it does in the top of the site.

If it does, take a look at your filter, but view and contextual to see what is causing that.

The second part of your question, that message is controlled by a Rule so I would check to see if that Rule is disabled or if your css is stopping it from showing properly.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Dec 16, 2015