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Exclude Items from Flat Rate Shipping Calculation

I have several product types:
• T-shirts (FlatRate)
• Pins (FlatRate)
• Poker Chips (No Shipping)
• Gift Card (No Shipping)
• Class Registration (No Shipping)

I charge $10 Flat Rate Shipping for all orders under $75.
All orders over $75 are free.
I do not charge shipping for Poker Chips, GiftCards or Class Registration.

I have everything set up and working EXCEPT I don't want to calculate the price of Poker Chips, Gift Cards or Class Registration in the shipping.

So, if the user orders a t-shirt at $20 and a $100 Gift Card, he should still be charged $10 shipping even though his order total is over $75.

I just can't get the flat rate shipping to not calculate the price of the excluded items in the order.


Asked by: April
on December 11, 2015

1 Answer

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Are you setting this with Rules? If so, you just add a condition that is "product SKU does not equal XXXX" and repeat for each that shouldn't be calculated.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Dec 14, 2015