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Translation question: billing/shipping information and order total

I've installed commerce kickstart and managed to translate almost everything that i need translated. Most was possible trough the translate UI. However some things were not.

In the checkout page There are headings for "Billing information" and "Shipping information" that I cant find a way to translate. I suppose they are derived from the user profiles or adressbook or something but i cant change the headings in the checkout settings as I can't change the names. Later also accound details have the same issue.

I also havent been able to translate "Order total" in the cart.

If anyone have run into this issue earlier I would be very greatful for some assistance :)

Asked by: minoxes
on February 15, 2016

1 Answer

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Found part of it :)

The shipping and billing addresses are changed in order settings and manage fields.

The order total can't be changed here but i guess it could work in my case.

Answer by: minoxes
Posted: Feb 15, 2016