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How to update the price of a product based on the birth date of the registrant

I have a content type EVENT with the event date field,

I created products with various attributes (ENTIRE - UNDER - FEMALE, etc ..)

Each attribute generates a different price for the product.

Product1 -> ENTIRE = € 10 -
Product1 -> UNDER € 8

Product2 -> ENTIRE = € 15 -
Product2 -> UNDER € 5
Now, in registration (COMMERCE REGISTRATION) checkout, insert the birth date of a user. I must compare birth date with event date. If the user is a minor pays UNDER, otherwise ENTIRE.

Thank you so much.

Asked by: Prof77
on August 3, 2016

1 Answer

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did you try rules? you will have a birthdate field on your register form. once this info is collected you will then be able to use a rule to perform a price calculation based on the value of this field.

Answer by: drupalability
Posted: Jan 7, 2017