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Product attributes in a product view

I need a product list like attached image. I can do that with views very well. See other attached image for my view settings.

My challenge: for the workshop items the visitor must be able to choose one item from the list. I tried making two seperate product nodes for each workshop time window. To that product nodes I added the different workshop variations. But now I can't see the complete information from the chosen workshop. Antoher challenge: Choosing workshop 1 from the first timeframe and also workshop two from the second time window adds the two workshops together as twice the same product in the cart. How to deal with that? Or should I use a complete other strategy for this purpose?

Thanks for the help.

product list
views settings

Asked by: Hans
on November 27, 2015

1 Answer

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A view is literally a "query" of the database, as opposed to a page of products.

So if you have two views of the same product Skew, even with a different view name, the shopping cart will have two of the one item that is displayed as a vew two times.

So you probably need to set up variations of a product rather than views of the same product.

Reason? Variations of a product all have different id's in the Database, and therefore will behave the correct fashtion in the shopping cart.

You probably already know that the shopping cart itself is a view of what will become in the end, an order number.

So you want your view to display product views of variations, each with their own database SKEW identifier.

Just remember two views of a product are not actually two different products on the backend, and the shopping cart just tells what is happening, because it is a view of whether their is actually a separate item for each displayed name, even if the same item is named differently on the same virtual page.

I guess the main thing is to realize all different orderable products need to have their own row -- and different "unique table row number ID" -- in the products database.

The shopping cart knows the unique identifier of two different names is the same when they are in fact.

It's "dumb" that way. I hope the database lends you a hand in need.

I think you'll see it's simple once you realize the database is the brains, based on what we know.

Let me know if I was successful in helping you fix it!

Answer by: Shootersolutions
Posted: Nov 27, 2015


Thanks for the inside. After reading for hours I ended up creating products for each workshop time window and variations for the individual speakers. And I found the Commerce Product Attributes module (Commerce Product Attributes). That gave me a lot of extra options to display product details.

- Hans on November 30, 2015