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Product View/ Catalogue in a table format

Hi All,

I am evaluating Drupal Commerce for a online store for which is essential to have the product view/catalogue in a table view. ( the standard view with blocks takes a lot of space and there no pics for 10000 products anyway only product codes).

Has anybody done this and could you please let me know how easy is to do this?


Asked by: Al
on November 6, 2015

1 Answer

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In admin mode hover the view and it will show the widget to edit it. When it opens in the top left corner there is the Format menu under which there is HTML List | Settings - both are hyperlinks. If you click HTML list a menu appears and you can choose another format - Table being one of the options.

The other menu - Settings lists settings for the chosen option.

You can also change how each item is represented in the Product display ->Teaser or Product List tabs. There you can add/delete fields and change how other fields - like images are displayed. This will help you make rendered items smaller.

Answer by: Iva
Posted: Nov 6, 2015