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i I am new to drupal, i am having a problem with the kickstart option making category/term look like collection/term?

collection products (product display) view only work on path collection/
when i clone it and try to make it to work for category, nothing happens. i change contextual filters and everything but that view doesnt show on category/term.
any ideas?
thank you

Asked by: amahmutovic
on July 30, 2015

1 Answer

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To create a new Collection, you can simply:

1. Navigate to admin/structure/taxonomy/collection/add
2. Add a term called "Something"
3. Navigate to collection/something
4. Note the view is showing up for your new term.

To create a new kind of collection, things are a lot more tricksy.

1. Navigate to admin/structure/taxonomy/add
2. Create a vocabulary named "New Collection"
3. Navigate to admin/structure/taxonomy/new_collection/add
4. Add a term called "Shoe Laces"
5. Add new field to the Shoes Display by navigating to admin/structure/types/manage/shoes/fields
6. The new term should be "New Collection" (term reference, for vocabulary "New Collection")
7. Let's edit an existing Shoe, node 25: Navigate to node/25/edit and select "Shoe Laces"
8. Navigate to admin/config/search/path/patterns
9. Locate "New Collection" in the pattern settings and change it to: "new-collection/[term:name]" Click Save.
10. Create a new index for your new vocabulary (ran out of time to do the step-by-step)

Ok, now we're ready to clone the view.

1. Navigate to admin/structure/views/view/collection_products/edit/page and click "Clone Page"
2. Change the path
3. Remove the Contextual filter
4. Add a new contextual filter on your newly indexed field
5. Save

Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Aug 5, 2015