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Taxonomy Term Field appearing in Product Category //

I have been taken by surprise when a newly added vocabulary showed up in the "Product Catalog" menu ares for two Product Displays where the vocabulary applies. I created other vocabularies, but these haven't shown up in the same area. I compared the two vocabularies side-by-side, but don't see the difference between the two. Any thoughts?

1. Created new vocabulary under Structure > Taxonomy > Add Vocabulary
2. Added term reference field to "Product Display" referencing new vocabulary
3. Created new product and found this field in the "Product Catalog" area

The other new vocabularies are referenced at the Product Variation level instead. Is that why I am seeing the difference in behavior?

I wanted to use a new vocabulary because I would like to take advantage of hierarchy. I could go back to a list, but would prefer the vocab/taxonomy route.

Help is appreciated, as always!

Asked by: keb805
on October 27, 2015

1 Answer

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I don't know how this has happened but I've done something similar without realizing it. I saw fields in the product variation area, but I wanted to set them just once - per product. So I moved them to the catalog (content type) area.

How? Delete the field from the content type display. Don't worry, it doesn't delete permanently. Save and go to the product display - > Add -> Existing field. It will be there in the list. Select it and save. Then make sure it is visible in the product display. It should have moved in the product area.

Answer by: Iva
Posted: Nov 6, 2015