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How can I setup these discounts?


I've built two sites for one client - both are ecommerce sites built using Drupal 7 and Commerce 7.x-1.11. One of them sells chilli sauces, and one sells different flavours of mayonnaises.

One the mayonnaise one, I have about 30 products setup. There's nothing really special about how the site is built, it just has the 30 products on there, each around £2.50. On this site, my client would like to do a promotion, so that anyone who places an order over £15 between August 1st and August 31st gets to choose 1 of 4 products on the site for free, so they just need to be able to select one of the four prodducts in order to add it to their cart at a price of £0.00.

With the chilli site, there is about 5 products on there, each around £2.99. What my client wants is for between the 1st August and 31st August, all sauces are 2 for £5. So for example, if a visitor buys 2 sauces their total is £5, if they buy 4 it's £10, 6 is £15 and so on..

I think this will have to be done through rules, but just thought I'd post this to see if anyone can give any pointers on how to do these two promotions as I'm getting a little stuck trying to creates rules that can do this.

Thank you so much for reading, and I look forward to any pointers.

Asked by: Carl Bowles
on July 29, 2015

1 Answer

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Using rules, I've managed to build the first offer of allowing the user to select a free product during checkout if their order is over a certain amount. Here's how I did it:

Install these modules: rules (obvousily), commerce discount, commerce rules pane, rules panes, commerce rules extra, commerce order field group, field group.

  1. Go to admin > store > config > order settings > manage fields
  2. Add a FieldGroup field
  3. Add a select option field with the products the user can choose from for their free product
  4. Moved this select option field into the field group field
  5. I then went to admin > store > config > checkout settings and ensured the field group I just created was in the disabled section
  6. Went to admin > config > workflow > rules and added a new rule with the following configuration:
  • event - process change to a checkout pane
  • condition 1 - order amount comparision
  • condition 2 - added a data comparison to ensure the date is larger than X
  • added an 'and' and then another rule to check the date is less than X
  • action - change pane properites - which allowed me to then enable the fieldgroup i created earlier which is now placed on the checkout to allow users to select their free product

I now just need to work out how to do the other promo - 2 for £5, 4 for £10 and so on...

Answer by: Carl Bowles
Posted: Jul 30, 2015