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Drupal Commerce (Kickstart) and Product Variations


I am relatively new to Drupal and I am trying to build an eShop with Drupal Commerce Kickstart.

One of the good features is the ability to have product variations and attributes in variation type which affect the price of the product.

Unfortunately so far I have not managed to make it work correctly.

My main issue is that the "All Products" page show only main products and not the variations and that on this page the facets of the attributes that are in variation type are not show-up. They work only the facets that are for the attributes of the content type of the product.

If I do not find a solution soon, I will forced to give up these two very powerful features of Drupal Commerce and simply have products without variations.

Does anyone wants to share his experience with me?

Thank you in advance

Asked by: agorts
on March 14, 2016

1 Answer

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After you have added the attribute you have to create products with that attribute and include the price manually when you add an attribute drupal does not assign a price to that attribute. You have to create a variation of that product manually with the additional cost attached.
Are you familiar with creating views? That may be what you need to do.

Answer by: coolgbb
Posted: Apr 5, 2016