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How to change status for all products at once?

Just like the way the backoffice allows to delete all the selected products, i want to disable/enable all products to not let users to add them to card.

Asked by: farruh
on December 10, 2015

1 Answer

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You could do this easily with Views Bulk Operations.

Answer by: Travis
Posted: Dec 14, 2015


Just to clarify, add VBO, create a view page that lists products, add the Commerce Product Bulk Operation view field, and choose the modify entity values (there may actually be a status option - if so just use that) and select the Status field to be modified. Save the view, go to the page, hit the global check box at the top - a message will show asking if you want to select all product, hit modify values, select the status change, and go.

- Travis on December 15, 2015