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Products displayed but not buyable from some specific countries


I manage a Kickstart-base e-shop based in Europe that has been selling to different countries. There is a new distributor for the brand in the US and we need that the current site, when visited from the US, allows visitors to see the products but NOT the prices. US costumers should not be able to add products to the cart either.

I've installed IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country and it's doing a good job. I'm using it with some little php coding for displaying a block in the US only. But, how can I use it as well for hiding prices, add to cart forms and cart page?


Asked by: David P.
on August 20, 2015

1 Answer

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I found it. It's just a matter of adding the template field--commerce-price.tpl.php to the theme, which can be a copy of field.tpl.php with the necessary login for removing the field if the country is a particular one. I still haven't found how to hide the cart page but I'm on it.

Answer by: David P.
Posted: Aug 25, 2015