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How do I get Commerce Stripe module to connect to Stripe

We have the Commerce Stripe module installed. However, it's failing to connect to Stripe at all:

When checking out and paying with CC via Commerce Stripe, pressing the submit button initiates a spinning progress icon, which will spin for literally hours until you give up and close the window. I contacted Stripe and they checked their logs and said no connections are being made to Stripe:

Drupal Commerce, isn't send Stripe information, even bad information would show something in the Logs tab of your Stripe Dashboard. The only thing I am seeing was from back in April, which was a blank card submission. I'd recommend reaching out to Drupal Commerce, and letting them know no information is coming from your website, to Stripe for processing.

Does anyone know what's going on - why would this be happening? I checked the API keys stored in the Commerce Stripe settings and they are correct.

Until we resolve this, we can't take credit card payments on our site (which means we can't take payments on our site)!!

Asked by: somatics
on August 16, 2016