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multiple domain with single install

im new to drupal commerce. i have installed and worked just a bit long time ago but need to setup shop so testing few option .
what i need is a single installation of drupal commerce that can handle multiple domains .domains in question share same products but will have different category structure and themes. like to also share customer etc..

i tried Magento CE .. but after 3 weeks of trying i gave up as documentation didn't result any success nor i found any help out there. so before i lose more hair ( not much left ) i like to ask if this is possible without losing my sanity ..

i looked on the net i got different information as some stated , this is not possible and other pointed out there are extension that allow for such setup .

reading information on those extension kinda made me doubt that this possible without major hacking.

so please can anyone let me know if this is possible ..


Asked by: Tony
on August 14, 2016