Use Quickstart for Commerce

I'm new to Drupal and am using a Virtualbox Quickstart appliance on Windows. After several attempts to install Drupal with Commerce, I discovered that I needed to modify the build.make file by reversing the first two statements and adding the contents from commercedev.make

Using the following drush command (where d7cd.make is modified makefile):
drush quickstart-create all --domain=example7.dev --codepath=/home/quickstart/websites/example7.dev --makefile=/home/quickstart/websites/d7cd.make

The install completes without errors. However the make file does not build dummy content for quick feature testing. Nor did it enable any of the modules. They all appear to be installed.

Not being familiar with drush and the make process, what additional steps do I need to include the dummy content?

Posted: Apr 24, 2011