Commerce customer account interface

Hello everybody,

I was wondering, how do you usually work when it comes to the end-user (eshop client) backoffice ? I had a look at Magento's customer UI and I must say I was quite impressed with its usability.
The generic drupal commerce feature will provide an interface to let a user see his orders, however when it comes to features provided by contrib module (ex.: order returns, commerce user points, addresses from commerce addressbook, newsletters subscription from simplenews...), there is no "framework" or constraint for the UI. It can get pretty messy and confusing if each module implements his own interface, but I think it's important to bring consistency to the UI for the end client as in any ecommerce website.

So my main concern is :
- Is there any good practice when it comes to implementing this type of UI
- Should I just go and code and theme every form/menu to make it look like a nice customer UI ?
- Should Commerce bring a framework for the client UI?
- How do you guys usually do ?

I'm just raising up the question here and hope the community can share some thoughts about this..

Posted: Feb 16, 2012