strange behavior (bug?) in the tax calculation

hi dear commerce forum!

I have a fresh minimal commerce kickstart (7.x-2.0) installation.
with no demo content
but with the European vat (19.6%) example.
additional I added a tax rate (7%).

in the shop, there are just 2 products.
each of them I assigned a tax rate

http://hofer.lupus.uberspace.de/productdisplay/product-1 (vat at 19%)
http://hofer.lupus.uberspace.de/productdisplay/product-2 (with 7% vat)

now i encountered a strange behavior in the tax calculation
respectively there are now 2 things happend I do not understand:

1) in the full-node productdisplay the prices calculated incorrectly:
product 1 = 19% is allocated but drupal calculated 7%?
product 2 = 7% is allocated but drupal calculated 19%?

2) then in the commerce oder total block on checkout
drupal always calculated both (!) tax rates
to an article in the checkout / commerce order total
although the product was associated with only one tax rate!

I am dealing with it now several days
and iam really stuck.

neither on the drupal.de irc, yet the drupal-commerce irc
commerce or in the forum so far I could find a solution.

many greetings

ps: this is commerce installation created just for this contribution
I like to give out a temporary password when someone wants

Posted: Jan 12, 2013


Jeroen Dost on May 30, 2016

I also have 2 different tax types. When viewing dpm information on the commerce product I see 2 components: base price and the correct tax. When viewing the commerceo order line item, I see 3 components, so also the incorrect tax rate.

I can't figure out why.