Connect to an ERP SLQ SERVER


We are integrator of a ERP + SQL SERVER.
Client ask us to build for them ecommerce, connecter with the ERP.
We are developing now these e-commerce, from 0.

We are interested in Drupal Commerce.
What is the good way to proceed?
- Develop a module of synchronisation bi directionnal between DRUPAL and SQL SERVER
- Attack directly the SQL SERVER DB through Drupal

Why choose Drupal Commerce, and not Magento or Prestashop ?

Thanks for your answers !


Posted: Dec 19, 2013


drupalerp on January 18, 2014

Hi,Currently we are working on an integration of SAP erp and Drupal Commerce. Same context as yours.
We tried several ecommerce solutions as those you mention in your post but had so much integration problems.
Drupal Com. provides easy functions to sync data between erp and product catalog. we're about 80% to finish job. Best way is to pass directly through the sql database as you can do everything you want this way, we could maybe help you to start your reflexion, but it depends on the erp you integrate, the products your client wants to sell online, does it need to take care of stock, or do you need to ship in several countries...you should detail your prject to help you. Hope you get help to progress or maybe has already found a solution this should be useful to share results
th. ruben

Max Acke on November 5, 2015

Hi Ruben,
I'm looking for a Drupal Commerce connection to a leading SAP Business One backend system.
We need to transfer products and users from SAP B1 to Drupal Commerce and we need to transfer Orders back from Drupal Commerce to SAP B1.
Can you help me with this or point me in the right direction?