Discounted price question


I've seen the tutorials on this site about price discounts but none of them provided solution for my problem. Here it is:

When a discount is applied, I would like to show the old price, overlined, and the new price also.

The client would prefer to do this way:

I add a discounted price field to the product display, so the admin can fill it if there is a discounted price. If there isn't she'll just leave the field empty and everything goes as usual.

How would you start with that?

Posted: Nov 22, 2011


balintd on November 22, 2011

That would work but this is the same webshop and I am already using extra formatters for displaying prices with and without tax. I can't set it up so it'll show another price.


rfay Randy Fay on November 22, 2011

Try this.

1. Add another price field to your product type.
2. Add a rule that applies the discount to the price on that product if the extra price field exists. Make sure you use the "discount" price component when creating the rule.
3. Use Extra Price Formatters to display the difference.

balintd on December 7, 2011

That looks like the right solution. Can you show me any tutorial that does this in Rules? I tried to work with Rules but I never succeded.

I would like to do the following:

Add a Discounted price field to product
When discounted price field is not empty, price will be the amount, the user put in the discounted price field.

balintd on December 7, 2011

I managed to do a part of this, but I did not finish it. I watched your video tutorial with complex product pricing rules.

I got the event and the conditions right.

Now I need Rules to set the product price to the amount put in the discounted product price field.

I guess I will need the Set the unit price to a specific amount action, but I can't reference the data in the discounted price field.

Do you have any ideas?