Price based on user profile country


I would like to setup the price of the product based on the country from the user profile not from a drop down menu on top of the website (this I was able to do easily) but I am looking for is when the user creates an account or we create an account and we set his country the price is pulled automatically the price is set automatically...

Is that possible? how I can accomplish it?


Posted: Jun 3, 2015


stephen Stephen Weinberg on June 25, 2015

It may seem that it's hard to get an answer to a specific question.. but that's often because as a community site, our hope is that other members of the community use Q&A and discussion space to help. At Commerce Guys we want to foster that conversation... but we don't want to be the only ones expected to answer in these forums.

With that out of the way.. on your original question, it sounds like you might want to automatically set a users country based on IP address? If so, take a look for GEO IP type modules on Drupal.org. Since it's not specific to commerce, its a good practice to check there as well!