How do I allow one person to create several user accouts

I need the ability to sell access to surveys.

To be able to access the survey each user needs an individual user account.

This is ok for one person buying surveys for themselves but there will be clients where they will a nominated person from a company that needs to buy access to the surveys for several people within their company, and each person will need a login account.

So if they buy 10 surveys they need to create 10 login accounts

How can this be don in Drupal Commerce?

Posted: Mar 25, 2012


jons jons on May 27, 2015

I cant seem to find any other information on this. Maybe one approach would be to fill in registration fields for the end-user as part of add-to-cart or checkout, and when the order is complete, email a one-time link to the end-user (with a couple of day's grace). If end-user does not use this within the period, then use forgot-password system.
The end-user's data would probably have to be editable (by the purchaser), so would need UI for that.
Seems like this would be custom development.