How do I convert products to a different type?


I would like to convert some products on my site from the default product type to a custom product type without changing the product ids. I believe the following steps may work:

1. Create a custom product type and add the same fields that are attached to the default product type.
2. In table 'commerce_product' find the products I want to convert and change their type to the machine name of the custom product type.
3. Change the field bundle instance machine name for all of the fields of the products I would like to convert.

I am not quite sure what the implications would be for line items, i.e. products which have been previously purchased.

Or would it be easier to just recreate the products and then manually change the product ids in table 'commerce_product'? Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions?


Posted: Oct 24, 2011


Angela S on November 19, 2015

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I have mapped my product variation types to my product displays and then created a term reference to my product catalog. I have done this in Commerce Kickstart 2. I want to be able to delete a product category and reparent the products for that category to another product display or product variation type. However, I am finding it is not easy to change a product type.