How Does Commerce Bulk Product Creation Work?


Im really having huge difficulties with wrapping my head around how the "Commerce Bulk Product Creation" Combinations are meant to work ? Im trying to solve / figure it out for 2 days with no luck.

If I have a product type named "T-shirts" and beside that fact this "T-shirt" have dimmensions like, total height, bottom width, and other not fixed values varying from product to product.

And I would like to create a 2 T-shirt products with 2 different sizes S and L for example and with different SET of dimensions like total height and bottom width ?

So when I create a "T-shirt" should I select in combinations fields 2 values at once ? S and L ? or just only one value, and then repeat this step ? or.. how should that work ? Im really.. really getting lost in it. Im attaching some screenshots that display my settings.

my product fields page:

bulk product creation patterns:

bulk product creation display node settings:

I would be really glad for any kind of help :/

Posted: Dec 17, 2011


willem on January 8, 2012

Actually, the Bulk Products Creation screen is pretty straightforward when you look closely at it. It's easy to get freaked out by it, but it is not that hard once you've done the underlying product type.

First, build your product type, including the variable fields you need. See http://www.drupalcommerce.org/node/290

Then - Store - Products - Bulk Add Products and select the product type you have prepared.

On the Bulk Add Products screen:

Make up the base of the SKU - all the part of the SKU that is common to all products that you are creating. for instance if you are selling various coloured T shirts, you might have TS as the common part of the SKU. The system will add the variable automatically.

Add the common part of the Title (BTW, for the developers, there is a mistake in the explanatory note here - it refers to the SKU rather than the Title)

Add the other details as appropriate for your product. Usually at least the price.

Select which variable you want the system to generate products for.

Then just either create the products, or create the products and the display.

The system works well, except that it cannot handle a variety of prices. For instance, if you sell different sized packs with different prices, the system can easily generate the different sized packs but they will all have the same price. This is a pretty severe limitation that the developers might want to have a look at.


stephenevans on March 29, 2015

So as of today... does this work on kickstart?

I basically have a clean install of drupal commerce kickstart - www.stephendevans.com

After installing the modules for Commerce BPC I tried to create 3 storage devices (all default products from Kickstart to see if it works) from "Bulk add Products" under "Manage Products" so I enter in the SKU, Title, pictures and I select all 3 "combinations" that I want to be created in bulk. Seems like the products are made successfully even though you can't view them - I know they are made because I can view them under Manage Products > All Product Variations.

The next page after clicking "Create products and Create display" shows that it "Successfully generated 3 new products" ask me to enter in the Title, Body and "Add New Variation".... This is different than the video which just has a Product box with "Product--6-1, Product--6-2...". If I don't type in a price I can't even click "Save." If I put in a price and click "Save" only one product will be made NOT the three that I wanted for bulk creation.

Please help. Let me know if I'm wasting hours for now reason if it doesn't even work.