Drupal Balkan Summit 2012 - Commerce Kickstart 2 (no audio)

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Since the first stable release at DrupalCon London (August 2011) Drupal Commerce has reached an install base of 20 thousand sites and redefined what Drupal powered ecommerce can do.

From Royal Mail to DrupalCon sites, Commerce allows all kinds of products to be sold and managed.

Commerce Kickstart v2 is a new generation of Commerce Kickstart, currently the most popular Drupal distribution on

It aims to make Drupal Commerce easier to use, eliminating occasional criticism aimed at its developer-oriented approach.

Join me for an overview of Commerce Kickstart v2 and see how it is an ideal tool for winning over clients, and how it can quickly get your store up and running.
Learn about cool new modules we developed and released alongside the distribution, and how they can help you.

Learn what our vision for ecommerce on Drupal is, what the future holds, and how we're getting ready for Drupal 8.