PCI Compliance and Drupal

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You’re taking payments online, so you must be PCI Compliant, right?
How do you know? reports over 80,000+ active Ubercart and Drupal Commerce installations. That’s great news! With such a large and active portion of our community involved in eCommerce, effort and resources must go toward helping these websites achieve the mandatory security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).

In the past, a definitive guide or comprehensive resource simply didn’t exist. Information seekers could find a handful of articles, forum threads, and videos; but most of these resources were fragmented, outdated, and might have contained inaccurate information...Not a good thing when

failing to become PCI compliant exposes businesses to legal and financial liabilities.

That’s why we’ve invited Rick Manelius to our next Commerce Guys webinar. He’s one of the authors of a new report on PCI compliance, focused specifically on Drupal. The report was created as a means to help drupal shops, developers, and customers understand their PCI compliance responsibilities.. and discover the steps to achieving full compliance.

He’ll be joined by Robert Douglass, a long time Drupal contributor and Director of Product Operations for Commerce Guys. Together they’ll present a very open and honest view of the eCommerce landscape for Drupal and lend valuable insight for companies looking to achieve success…and security...when taking payments online.

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