Responsive Design for Mobile Commerce

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The eCommerce marketplace is evolving at a fantastic pace, and Commerce Guys created Drupal Commerce to meet the ever-expanding needs of enterprise e-retailers and their customers. Add Responsive Design to your eCommerce sites and learn how to blend a truly adaptable, quality user experience with Drupal Commerce’s best-in-class framework.

Learn how Commerce Guys has extended Drupal Commerce, incorporating screen flexibility to build the most powerful and versatile business engine in the market today. Join us as we discuss how you can turn your eCommerce website into a Mobile Commerce site just by implementing the device-sensing practices of Responsive Design.

This webinar will discuss the ideas behind responsive design, where the Drupal mobile experience is heading, and what you can do to keep up.

Responsive Design Defined as
Respond .JS
Table Tricks
Drupal Responsive Groups
StoreFront Theme