Commerce Bank Transfer, Cheque, and Cash on Delivery

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There are many automated payment methods for Drupal Commerce around, we have solutions for Paypal,, Ogone and of course a lot of local banks, but there are some that are also widely used and are somehow "manual", we're going to take a look to three of them:

  • Commerce Bank Transfer allows to input bank information that is going to be displayed to the user so they can note that down and make a wire transfer for the total of the purchase.
  • Commerce Cheque and Commerce Cash on Delivery are quite similar, both of them need some information filled in their settings that is going to be exposed to the user so they can follow the payment instructions, however the intention of the modules is quite different as one is for cheque payments and the other to pay when the items purchased are sucessfully delivered.

The three of them need some manual action from the store administrator to actually confirm that the payment has been done.

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