Commerce Search API

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Commerce Fancy Attributes provides a Commerce-specific Search API integration, which allows you to easily create a powerful faceted search for your product catalog.
This screencast uses the following modules:
- Search API
- Facet API
- Search API Database Search
- Search API Ranges

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rmacone on May 17, 2013

Hi all!

I looking for sort my product list by MySortField
MysortField, is a field defined in "product variation type"
This field is defined as number, not required (zero default)

In Search API > View index > Field, I checked INDEXED
In Search API > View index > Sorts my field is not present!! :(
I created for it, a block (Sidebar First, no limitations in visibility)

How can I do to view MySortField into sort list of "Sort Criteria" dialog???
(into ths view panel editor)

Thankyou in advance!!! :DDD

digitalexperts digitalexperts on May 19, 2015

Hi, Thanks for the video. Can you please please please explain How can I display relevant search filters on different pages like on To Wear page show some filters which are relevant to that, on To Drink With filters related to that page etc...