Got Content? Got Community? Add Commerce!

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A Drupal Commerce briefing and demonstration with Commerce Guys

As the reach of the web continues to grow, many are wishing they had included commerce functionality in their website. The opportunities for optimization are endless: accepting donations, processing downloads of licensed goods or digital assets, tracking reservations and orders, or simply selling physical goods...the list goes on. The good news is, it’s not too late to add Commerce to your Drupal site!

By combining a rich content system and community platform with a powerful commerce engine, Drupal Commerce is the answer when it comes to building an online enterprise.

We invite you to join us for a hour live demos as we explore the Drupal Commerce platform. We'll see how sites can connect Commerce functionality directly to existing Content, how Community can drive customer satisfaction and loyalty, and explore how the relationship between Content, Community and Commerce can factor into new projects as well as the reimagining of established sites.

This briefing is for companies and individuals who want an inside look at the most flexible eCommerce solution on the market. No matter your experience level or job title, you’ll come away from this session with a clear understanding of how Drupal + Drupal Commerce can help your business thrive in a vast sea of commerce platforms and competitors.

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Program Notes:
This is an executive-level briefing, designed for all audiences

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