A May Full of Drupal Commerce Releases

May was one of our most productive months to date. It was full of releases for the core Commerce modules, our standalone PHP libraries, and essential contributed modules that all work together to comprise Drupal Commerce. While I outlined the highlights in the roadmap issue on drupal.org, these wins are worth sharing more broadly to keep the rest of the Drupal community in the loop.

The biggest release of the month was Drupal Commerce 2.7, which included new features for currency formatting, address form configuration, and stored payment methods. It also fixed a handful of bugs that unblocked other module releases and updated core in response to improvements in our libraries and dependent modules.

We've long discussed how our standalone PHP libraries are exporting expertise off the Drupal island. Addressing and Internationalization, which have each been downloaded over one million times, are our two shining stars. We rolled new releases for each of them in May, improving even further Drupal Commerce's ability to solve the hardest parts of address entry / validation / formatting and currency localization. Refer to the price formatting change record from the 2.7 release to see how the new API is more flexible and performant as a result.

Additionally, we released Address 1.4 and Inline Entity Form 1.0 RC1. The latest Address release unlocks the customer profile’s address field to support collecting less detailed billing addresses. The Inline Entity Form release includes new product information management features, letting you duplicate product variations for faster product data entry.

Inline Entity Form product variation duplication

Thanks to generous sponsorship from Authorize.Net themselves, we've been able to dedicate several weeks to improving their integration this year. The resulting Authorize.Net RC1 release now supports eCheck, Visa Checkout, and 3DSecure payments! We also included several bug fixes related to duplicate customer and payment profiles that appear when migrating from an old system to Drupal Commerce, for example.

While not fully released yet, our Technology Partner integration for Avalara's AvaTax is nearing beta. Jace Bennest from Acro Media contributed heavily by refactoring the module to properly use a TaxType plugin while my co-maintainer Matt Glaman contributed additional fixes to our port from the Drupal 7 integration to prepare it for certification. Thanks, Jace / Acro Media!

When Matt wasn't working on the above contribs, he was collaborating with Lisa Streeter from Commerce Guys to bring Commerce Reports to its first beta release for Drupal 8. The new version takes a completely different approach from the Drupal 7 using lessons we learned developing Lean Commerce Reports. It denormalizes transaction data when an order is placed to support reports generation with or without the Views module, providing a better developer experience and much better performance. Check it out below! (Click to expand.)

Commerce Reports usage demo

We've also been hard at work improving the evaluator experience. The big release for that is Commerce Demo's beta1, which showcases what Drupal Commerce provides out of the box. It creates products and scaffolds out a full product catalog (pictured below). To get the full effect, try it out with our default store theme, Belgrade. The new demo module gets us closer to something like we had with Kickstart 2.x on Drupal 7 - a learning resource for site builders and a way for agencies to more easily demo and sell Drupal Commerce.

Demo product catalog in the Belgrade theme

Finally, I'm very excited to announce that Lisa Streeter is our new documentation lead! Expect some great things to come. She has already done fantastic work with the Commerce Recurring documentation and is working on revising our getting started, installation, and update docs.

Looking at June, we plan on finalizing the query level entity access API, which will allow us to better support marketplace and multi-store Drupal Commerce implementations. We expect to merge user registration after checkout completion, and we will also be focusing on address reuse / copying, Buy One Get One promotion offers, and more product management experience enhancements.

Bojan Zivanovic
Posted: Jun 1, 2018

Commerce Kickstart 2.27 Release

Commerce Kickstart 2.27 was released today, and includes quite a few bugfixes and features. Recently Commerce Kickstart 2 upgraded from Features 1.x to the Features 2.x API, and we've added some measures to help with the upgrade process! If you're not using Features Override yet, go on get it! Use this to save your customizations to the distribution and have a smoother upgrade. For more information, see the Installing & Upgrading guide.

Matt Glaman
Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Updating Drupal Commerce created usernames

Thanks to the work of the Drupal security team, we released Drupal Commerce 7.x-1.10 on September 10 to address an information disclosure vulnerability. Last week we released a companion module to that update, Commerce Username Update, to help administrators manage the username update the release requires. The new version also includes a handful of minor bug fixes and a new feature to better support free order notifications on the checkout form.

Read more to learn more about the patched vulnerability and new feature.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Sep 21, 2014

Capitalizing on the Chinese eCommerce Boom

China has now surpassed the U.S. as the largest eCommerce economy in the world. The Chinese have a strong desire to purchase overseas, demonstrated by the fact that nearly half of Chinese International eCommerce dollars are spent at U.S. websites. Online merchants worldwide are experiencing soaring revenues by capturing a piece of the tremendous discretionary income Chinese shoppers are ready to spend.

Join Kelly Harvin of PayLeap (an Acculynk solution) as she demonstrates how to tap into this explosive market with insight into:

Got Content? Got Community? Add Commerce!

A Drupal Commerce briefing and demonstration with Commerce Guys

As the reach of the web continues to grow, many are wishing they had included commerce functionality in their website. The opportunities for optimization are endless: accepting donations, processing downloads of licensed goods or digital assets, tracking reservations and orders, or simply selling physical goods...the list goes on. The good news is, it’s not too late to add Commerce to your Drupal site!

Cyber-Crime, Data Compromises. What's a Merchant to Do?

We know that many of you are concerned about recent data compromises that have made media headlines. Most of us have been affected by these breaches, either directly as a shopper or indirectly as a merchant who's seen tightening security and scrutiny impact customers and business systems.

That's why we've invited Tim Horton, a Cyber Security Solutions Specialist with First Data, to present information on protecting your clients and your business in today's threatening environment.

Improve conversion and increase sales for the Holidays

Do you need to improve conversion rates on your site and capture more sales at checkout? Have you discovered how vital mobile is to your business? Are you giving customers options and flexibility when it comes to how they pay online?

The holidays will be here before you know it, and you need to be ready.

If you’re a retailer or marketer, your success is dependent on turning browsers into buyers. And if you’re a developer or site-builder, you need to be delivering engaging shopping experiences to your clients that convert into sales for them and new business for you.

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Today's brand manufacturers have a difficult task of advertising their products directly to consumers while satisfying established delivery channels like local retailers and big box chains. In the world of B2B&B2C, companies need to think creatively and work flexibly to promote their products to a wide range of customers.

Drupal Commerce + Lingotek

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from Drupal Commerce using the new Lingotek - Inside for Drupal Commerce integration.

Your users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for translation, and even offer to translate content themselves-all without leaving your site!

Join Calvin Scharffs, VP of Marketing for Lingotek and Robert Douglas Director of Product Operations for Commerce Guys in this webinar, they will walk you through the five steps needed to produce and maintain a multilingual website, including how to:

Count Down to Launch - Commerce Kickstart 2.0

Watch Commerce Guy Robert Douglass count down the 5 ways Commerce Kickstart revolutionizes eCommerce on Drupal with special guest Moshe Weitzman from Acquia.

Back in August, just days before DrupalCon Munich, we released our beta version of Commerce Kickstart 2. Since then, our “guys” have been hard at work prepping the final version of the software, which serves as an accelerated launchpad for the open-source eCommerce framework Drupal Commerce and enables rapid creation of advanced eCommerce sites.

Well, it’s ready...


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