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Commerce Kickstart 2.27 Release

Commerce Kickstart 2.27 was released today, and includes quite a few bugfixes and features. Recently Commerce Kickstart 2 upgraded from Features 1.x to the Features 2.x API, and we've added some measures to help with the upgrade process! If you're not using Features Override yet, go on get it! Use this to save your customizations to the distribution and have a smoother upgrade. For more information, see the Installing & Upgrading guide.


  • TravisCI integration improvements. Utilizing Drush and Composer caches to speed up build times, testing Features Overrides support
  • Migrate API implementation upgraded. Using Migrate 2.8
  • Better support with Features 2.x and upgrades. Features Overrides included, but not enabled
  • Provides method to allow overrides in field_base and field_instance for 2.23+ upgrades
  • We're now testing Features Overrides integration in upgrade tests
  • View for products filters out unpublished nodes
  • Added admin_views for administration improvements of admin/people page
  • Added and enabled Distribution Status Manager to reduce code in profile for "hiding" contributed updates, streamline the bundled module update notification experience
  • Update Commerce Features to newest 7.x-1.1 release

Full changelog since 7.x-2.26:

  • #1701958: Clarify "reset demo store content" action
  • Improve .travis.yml
  • #2325349 by caschbre: Use the new Distribution Update Status Manager module
  • #2532292 by mglaman: Commerce Kickstart Feature 2.x changes the display field settings to hidden
  • #2061473: Make spinner JS configurable so module plays nicely with other modules
  • #1774632: Kickstart profile creates a duplicate user menu
  • #2224985: Unsupported operand types commerce_autosku.module on line 23
  • #2264127: display_products view should filter out unpublished products
  • #2411435 by mglaman, lsolesen: Facet drop-down lists do not work in mobile browsers
  • #1871678: Convert People screen to use Views (like the Content screen)
  • #2118059: Missing H1 / Title on default taxonomy view
  • Prevent MySQL server from going away
  • Fix Behat Drupal\DrupalExtension settings
  • #2317105: Flat rate rules components are not exportable with features
  • #2393519: Show breadcrumbs on account/profile pages
  • #2242495: Better default User menu link weights
  • #2461727: Features overriden in fresh install
  • #2536070: Add Features Override
  • #2402929: Hover text on user agreement opt-out says "I agree to the user agreement"
  • #2399141: Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in FacetapiAdapter->processActiveItems() line 312
  • #2534138 by mglaman: field_base_features_rebuild doesn't catch exceptions
  • #2533236 by mglaman: Error on update to 2.24 - 2.26
  • #2498645: Social Menu updates links to CommerceGuys
  • Update Migrate API integration
  • Run Travis on container infrastructure for faster tests.
  • #2106687 by bc: Commerce search error with newer jquery versions (above 1.9)

Try it out

Ready to get started? You can download the update directly from Drupal.org here, or better yet give it a try on Platform.sh. (check out the banner on our homepage for a free-trial code)

Matt Glaman
Posted: Jul 29, 2015