Commerce Kickstart 2.27 Release

Commerce Kickstart 2.27 was released today, and includes quite a few bugfixes and features. Recently Commerce Kickstart 2 upgraded from Features 1.x to the Features 2.x API, and we've added some measures to help with the upgrade process! If you're not using Features Override yet, go on get it! Use this to save your customizations to the distribution and have a smoother upgrade. For more information, see the Installing & Upgrading guide.

Matt Glaman
Posted: Jul 29, 2015

Your Drupal Site Can Talk

The Message Stack is a group of Drupal modules that enable cutting-edge social networking and user engagement features such as activity streams, notifications, subscribing to a particular content, etc.

Amitai Burstein, Gizra's CTO and the lead maintainer of Message Stack as well as Organic Groups 7 and Entity Reference modules, will discuss the core modules that make up the stack: Message, Message Notify and Message Subscribe - their architecture, different roles and how they work together in real world scenarios.

Count Down to Launch - Commerce Kickstart 2.0

Watch Commerce Guy Robert Douglass count down the 5 ways Commerce Kickstart revolutionizes eCommerce on Drupal with special guest Moshe Weitzman from Acquia.

Back in August, just days before DrupalCon Munich, we released our beta version of Commerce Kickstart 2. Since then, our “guys” have been hard at work prepping the final version of the software, which serves as an accelerated launchpad for the open-source eCommerce framework Drupal Commerce and enables rapid creation of advanced eCommerce sites.

Well, it’s ready...

Approaching the first stable release of Commerce Kickstart v2

On September 17th, the first release candidate of Commerce Kickstart v2 was released. This was the first release usable in production, with a guaranteed upgrade path. It allowed us (the product team at Commerce Guys) to receive feedback from developers and users starting new projects on Kickstart, as well as address it as we went along. We've had 3 more release candidates since then, and the first stable release is now closer than ever. Here's what's been keeping us busy.

Stabilizing the included modules

A modern distribution needs to include many modules to satisfy its use cases. During Kickstart development, we improved many of those modules in order to improve their stability and feature set to match Kickstart standards. Dozens of patches were created and submitted to the relevant issue queues.

Still, contrib moves at a different pace than Kickstart itself, which means that many patches couldn't be committed in time for Kickstart RC1. So we shipped the distribution with many -dev releases and many uncommitted patches, which naturally made people nervous.

Jonathan S
Posted: Nov 13, 2012

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 Release Candidate

Bojan tagged a release candidate of Commerce Kickstart 2.0 on Monday before taking a well-deserved vacation. This releases solidifies the set of contributed modules and custom code we've built the distribution on, and it brings a high level of polish to visual elements like the customer administration theme.

This release also marks a milestone change in maintenance strategy for the project. Subsequent releases will contain an upgrade path for sites using the distribution in production, with new releases also being packaged up to accommodate contributed module updates.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Sep 21, 2012
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