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Today's brand manufacturers have a difficult task of advertising their products directly to consumers while satisfying established delivery channels like local retailers and big box chains. In the world of B2B&B2C, companies need to think creatively and work flexibly to promote their products to a wide range of customers.

Creating a compelling and informative brand story is just one of the powerful ways agencies like Digital Bridge Solutions helps companies capitalize on the flexibility of Drupal & Drupal Commerce to drive eCommerce sales. Using the powerful content management tool set, they build content-rich, community oriented eCommerce sites full of user and brand-generated content that feature and merchandise brand stories right alongside the physical products.

In this one-hour webinar, Chris Rooney from Digital Bridge discusses ways that Brand Manufacturers can use Content & Community to generate Commerce while avoiding channel conflict. Joining Chris are Jean Rosenzweig, Director of Internal Sales Operations & Service and Tom Cesario, Senior Director of IT from Radio Flyer, who will share some of the creative ways they have used Drupal to connect their brand to its diverse audience. Together they’ll share their unique perspective of bringing the Little Red Wagon to life online while keeping the retail channel on board.

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