Drupal 8 - Plug it in and go

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Kris Vanderwater is prepared to go under the hood and show us what he's been working on. As lead on his initiative for Drupal 8, Kris is preparing to make extensive use of the D8 Plugins Architecture that's on the horizon… He'll be describing to us why Plugins are important, as they provide an easy-to-follow set of guidelines and reusable code components for developers.

About Kris:

Kris Vanderwater is a Drupal Evangelist with Commerce Guys and is EclipseGc on He is the lead on the Drupal 8: Blocks & Layouts Everywhere initiative and has been working with Drupal for the past 6 years. He has contributed patches to Core D6, D7, ctools, and numerous other drupal projects.


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