Drupal Commerce Tax Introduction: Sales Tax and VAT

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This is a quick introduction to configuring taxes in Drupal Commerce. It goes into Sales Tax and VAT, but does not do conditional taxes.

The standard Tax interface looks a bit threatening at first, but this quick introduction of the Tax system covers the basics. First, we add a few pieces to the cart, and if we look at the checkout page, you'll see we have no taxes applied. There are two kinds of taxes, there is the Sales tax that is added at the end of the checkout and there is a the VAT style of taxes that are added per-product. Drupal Commerce support both styles.

We're going to add a 4.3% Sales tax. The instructions here help us understand that we need to input the sales tax as a decimal: 0.043. Now if you go back to your cart, you'll see that Colorado's sales tax is now on the Checkout. That's all you have to do.

Finally, we go over adding local sales tax (only for Mesa county) and a VAT, just to show you how you can add either one.