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Does User Experience Matter?


It’s that simple. It matters. What’s not simple is measuring and improving User Experience. There are so many factors that contribute to how satisfied a customer is with their visit to a website that many business owners choose not to address issues until they become major problems...costing them sales and loyal customers.

There are several key metrics which drive whether a user has a rich or poor experience on a website. Monitoring and improving metrics like page load times have a direct effect on how long customers spend on sites and how likely they are to revisit.

Yottaa has made it their business to improve your business.

In this 1 hour webinar, Ilya Mirman from Yottaa will help unravel the most important metrics affecting User Experience and provide practical ways for site managers and developers to have a real impact on improving performance and growing their online business.

Trusted by over 85,000 websites, Yottaa’s all-in-one web optimization solution delivers speed, scale, security and actionable insight for any website. Yottaa’s customers enjoy site-wide performance gains, better visitor experience and higher conversions; and protection from service outages, malicious bots and hackers.

Commerce Guys has partnered with Yottaa, Inc. to bring a fast, scalable and secure eCommerce acceleration service to websites built with Commerce Kickstart. Kickstart speeds the time it takes to build an eCommerce website by installing pre-configured features that are a must in today's leading sites, including site acceleration. Features you'd normally have to build from scratch are ready to use immediately...and because they're built on Drupal, they're still fully customizable, allowing your site to be as unique as your business.