DrupalCon Vienna 2017: Trust in eCommerce with Amazon Pay

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Amazon Pay gives Amazon customers a secure, trusted, and convenient way to log in and pay for their purchases on any store. Shoppers use Amazon Pay to share their profile information (name and email address) and access the shipping and payment information stored in their Amazon accounts to complete their purchases.

Commerce Guys developed and maintains the Commerce Amazon Pay module that Drupal Commerce users can install to immediately begin accepting payment via Amazon Pay. This session explains the benefits of using such a service in the context of Drupal, especially as it pertains to payment security, customer trust, and conversion.

After this session, you will understand:

The capabilities of Drupal Commerce 2.x as an eCommerce platform
How Drupal 8 / Commerce 2.x increases team productivity
The features and benefits of the Amazon Pay service itself
How Amazon Pay increases trust and security, increasing conversions
How to begin using Amazon Pay with Drupal Commerce
Where to go for help or support with either of the above

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