Skrill: Revealing a World of International Payments

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Simplifying is a challenge for any business. The idea of growing your organization and reducing the complexity at the same time seems to be a contradiction. If your company operates internationally, or has plans to do so, the complexity begins to grow dramatically. Especially when it comes to taking payments for your goods and services.

Enter, Michael Lane VP of Channel Management at Skrill.  He’s got experience navigating the multiple roadblocks many encounter when branching out into international payments.

Watch “Revealing a World of International Payments” - a webinar designed to help business learn first-hand what to expect when tackling payments across borders.  Michael will share his expertise, describe the international payment culture, and discuss the barriers to entry in a variety of international markets.


jobberwalker on January 9, 2013

Skill & Moneybookers service is a wasting of time for anyone who thinks to start cooperation with them. Seems they are running of out memory on their servers. This is what I've received from them:

"Due to high demand for our services, we cannot currently accept you as a merchant."

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