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Ready to step up to a better hosting experience? Want to see what all the talk has been about? Join us for a live demonstration of, and get ready to be amazed. is a powerful cloud hosting solution with an optimized development-to-production workflow, enabling Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery during development, at launch, and throughout a site's life. Unique snapshot technology enables cloning at the speed of thought, completely replicating full-stack environments into new branches on demand in a moment.

In this one-hour demonstration, Robert Douglass, Director of Product Operations will walk though features and benefits of, including:

Flexible Development
Create, merge, and destroy an unlimited number of environments at will in just moments for development tasks or QA testing.

Snapshot Cloning
Take an exact byte-level copy of upstream environments (code, configuration files and data), providing 100% consistency.

Collaborative & Agile
Leverage Agile methodologies by accepting contributions from an unlimited number of contributors, each with variable permissioning capabilities.

Grid Architecture
Container-based architecture separates micro-services, enabling limitless scalability & eliminating performance degradation from neighboring operations.

Fits the Way You Work
Make changes through the Platform web interface, our custom CLI tool, or simply using standard tools like Git, SSH and Drush.

User-Friendly Dashboard
Get full visibility in real time to all development environments and contributor work in an environment they love but you control.

The demonstration is followed by a Question & Answer segment.

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