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Using rules to send different emails for Bank transfer and Cash on Delivery Payment pavel Mar 6, 4am 1 (pavel)
content location ariban99 Mar 5, 1pm 4 (ariban99)
How to auto-update stock on DC site for sales at physical shops? marktheshark Mar 5, 6am 2 (marktheshark)
Can users also be merchants? dwamala Mar 4, 12pm 2 (dwamala)
providing multiple products to buy in a single add to cart form Sem Mar 4, 4am 7 (Sem)
Product Type link is gone? lmatthews Mar 3, 10pm 1 (realskorpion)
Views and Product Displays bhans Mar 3, 11am 2 (bhans)
Which file holds the database connection info? Apprentice Mar 2, 7pm 1 (Apprentice)
Overriding price via hook? jgpippin Mar 2, 2am 3 (jgpippin)
thinking of adding embedded video into some product items domineaux Mar 1, 4pm 22 (asperi)
how to deferred payments handling(pre-approved) psychobyte Mar 1, 2am 1 (realskorpion)
How to increase price with a percentage when paid through Paypal? guaka Feb 28, 10am 4 (Josh Miller)
Florida Sales Tax? bc Feb 27, 3pm 2 (drewbolles)
Copy product variation types Kiteman Feb 27, 2pm 4 (uking)
Replicating commerce kickstart product variation displays barney Feb 26, 4pm 1 (ibarrajo)
migrate from virtuemat 1 ariban99 Feb 26, 12pm 2 (ariban99)
email protection from spambots ariban99 Feb 26, 11am 1 (ariban99)
Hide "Add to cart" - Button for guests dasmoermel Feb 26, 2am 6 (Sem)
Hide "Add to cart" if field exists[SOLVED] cavax Feb 25, 10am 1 (cavax)
How do you remove the "Add to Cart" button? PedroKTFC Feb 25, 8am 11 (qdaffy)
learning drupal commerce ariban99 Feb 24, 2am 1 (realskorpion)
Missing email field on checkout sammyfm Feb 23, 3pm 1 (sammyfm)
order permissions stef Feb 22, 1pm 3 (qdaffy)
Store made of user contributed products iraszl Feb 22, 10am 2 (iraszl)
[SOLVED] Product variation with multiple atributes problem - changed first atribute change second atribute pavel Feb 22, 4am 2 (pavel)
Problem with superfish jsdesigns Feb 21, 2pm 1 (ibarrajo)
Order comments leflores Feb 21, 12pm 1 (realskorpion)
[SOLVED]An issue with the style/display of a new variation type field realskorpion Feb 20, 7pm 5 (realskorpion)
About Taxonomy and Drupal Commerce satvision83 Feb 20, 3pm 2 (satvision83)
Custom product variation not displayed as demo content mrqmrc Feb 20, 6am 3 (roelwelters)
Theming: changing the look of the product select list in a product display ericjlitt Feb 19, 5pm 2 (realskorpion)
Different discounts for each register user nawi Feb 19, 1pm 1 (realskorpion)
Allowing users to add products phillbd Feb 19, 6am 5 (Guille-P)
Fields added to Order not validated during Checkout Barrett Feb 19, 4am 2 (tintisha_andy)
.mp3 audio file Jon Lambert Feb 18, 4pm 2 (realskorpion)
product with width/height calculations petergus Feb 18, 12pm 1 (realskorpion)
Installation Problem chinnimanoj Feb 18, 11am 1 (realskorpion)
Help a newbie alinouman92 Feb 18, 8am 1 (Sem)
Which Payment Gateways for India, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Singapore pdjohnson Feb 18, 5am 2 (gyanindia)
Order NOT submitted when Paypal's selected as Payment method Philben Feb 16, 6pm 3 (lmatthews)
Text format option hidden meltingsand Feb 16, 9am 2 (OneWeb)
Discount on total based on quantity? daobydesign Feb 15, 11pm 4 (ngwong)
product display tpl file lajfi Feb 15, 2pm 3 (r)
Multiple quantity fields on one product display page samleinen Feb 13, 4pm 2 (wehehehek)
Variations of variations vintorg Feb 11, 5pm 3 (vintorg)
Different email notification per different payment method Max falduto Feb 8, 7am 6 (gulyasmarci)
Minimalistic Shopping Cart Block deusmalleos Feb 6, 2pm 4 (gulyasmarci)
Administration view of custom product display of custom product variants zet Feb 5, 1pm 1 (zet)
In Store Pickup dspock Feb 4, 6pm 3 (m.stenta)
Pick Up In Store Module timodwhit Feb 4, 6pm 3 (m.stenta)


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