Copy product variation types

Hi everybody.
My store contains similar types of products with difference in one or two fields.
For instance T-shorts for children and adults have different lines of sizes but other fields such as color, images are identical.
Is there any way to copy product variations?
Thanks in advance.

Posted: Dec 11, 2012


uking on February 27, 2013


I use features to make copy of product variation types.

1. Create a features of my "root" commerce product type
2. Patch all the created files. For this I use a texteditor, open the created files and replace the nessacary fields, e.g. "commerce_product-clothes_men-field_size" with "commerce_product-clothes_women-field_size", change the name of the product variation type, ...
3. Install the "new modul"

In my first test's, it works.