Different email notification per different payment method

Hi folks!

I m struggling since a week to setting email notification order to send two different email depending by payment system method.

For exemple : I d like when user select Paypal system payment to receive a custom email .

Or when a user select Bank Transfer to receive another custom email.

I tried with rule in checkout settings. Creating two notification email But in only one email notification I get the token :


No way out ! I ve tried with commerce email too, but can't get what I wanna.


Max falduto
Posted: Jan 31, 2013


maxfalduto Max falduto on January 31, 2013

Here what I receive by order email:


Here are the details for your order #60, placed on Thu, 01/31/2013 - 15:10

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Items in your order

Product  Price  Quantity  Total 
asdasdasd ()  23,00 €  1  23,00 € 

Subtotal 23,00 €
Corriere Espresso 7,80 €
Order total 30,80 €
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I think Drupal Commerce is better way to build a E commerce site, hope this issue will solved.
Thanks in advance

maxfalduto Max falduto on February 3, 2013

Solved partially with:
Disable rule send email and
>Activate Commerce email

In Commerce Email works only Commerce email Token, so (at the moment) add only these Token >>

Orders Email
Name from Customer Profile [commerce-email:customer-name] Full name of customer
Order Items [commerce-email:order-items]

That's all, hope somebody help to enhance token payment system.

gulyasmarci on February 8, 2013

I've got almost the same problem.

I use commerce email module. It sends only 1 type of order email but I want to send 1 type for payment method: bank transfer, and an other one for payment method COD.

I set in rules but it didn't work... I couldn't expose order items in table etc..etc...

SO I figured out that I need payment token used in commerce email module but This module is not content this token.

Do you know anything about payment token which is showing the currently chosen payment method under the checkout process.

Bests, Marci